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Welcome to First Response International!

First Response International (FRI) is a complete, all-in-one solution for First Response organizations. We have developed a proven Learning Management System that has been built from the ground up with Emergency Services primarily in mind.

Our system allows your Administrators the ability to upload and assign content to specific user groups, create evaluations, and align the evaluations with competencies.

Who currently uses FRI?

Our software is currently used in:

  • Emergency Medical Services Organizations (EMS)
  • Fire Departments
  • Universities
  • Continuing Education (CE)
We are confident it can work for you.

What makes FRI the best?

FRI is a flexible, easy-to-use and a proven Learning Management System:

  • Control 'Who sees What' - with FRI, you can easily create different access groups to control who sees what content.
  • Customize your Administration - access groups can have "group-level" administrative privileges, such that if one of the access groups was a platoon, you could identify the sergeant as an administrator for that group, so that they could run reports on just their platoon.
  • Put your mark on it - your employees / members have a smoother experience because your logo and branding appears when you use FRI to deliver content.

Our system is Branded and Secure, meaning that your content is protected to only the people you allow to see it, and will be delivered in a system that reflects your logo, color scheme, etc.

We currently have the National and Alberta EMS Competencies. We can also add other competencies or standards, as needed.

Why should my organization use FRI?

In most cases, we're replacing Blackboard, Joomla or Moodle. Because we host everything, you have no need for buying a server, paying IT to support it, and then deciding what software you even want to install on it. We are also flexible with respect to being able to add custom features, or add-ons that you may need.

Our successes have been primarily due to word of mouth, from Calgary EMS to integrated EMS/Fire services, to independent Fire services, and then to a provincial EMS model. Our solution is stable, secure and proven. What is even more important, our clients are very happy.

Contact Us if you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to discuss getting set up.

Thank you for your interest in First Response International.

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